15 Days with 15 Italian Movie 4/ Matrimonio all’italiana by Vittorio De Sica

The movie was really describes to city of Naples. We are together with Marcello Mastroianni, again! (Todays, he is my favorite actor more than Gregory Peck...) Marcello and Sophia Loren have lead roles this Vittorio De Sica's movie, at least, this movie is so magical for me . When you watch this film, you will... Continue Reading →


15 Days with 15 Italian Movie 3/ Ladri di Biciclette by Vittoria De Sica

A story of Italian cinema that is always in every top five film list. In post-war in Italy, the film describes the poverty of people, yet it is not about the pain of existence. We see a father and son who try to find their stolen bicycle because they need this bicycle for earning money... Continue Reading →

The Vandamm House

''Films+ Architecture''s new Hitchcock's movie is North by Northwest. But we are talking The Vandamm House! It’s known as “The Vandamm House” after James Mason’s character, Phillip Vandamm. In the late ’50s, Frank Lloyd Wright was the most famous Modernist architect and he made design for films too.  Hitchcock wanted to work with him but MGM couldn’t... Continue Reading →

Series+ Architecture/1 : Dark

The second season of Dark series which, we have reached this days, is one of the productions that led the audience to think. Dark series tells through a circle with human emotions about time algorithms which, especially when we see science fiction productions. For this reason, Dark does not have any difficulty in attracting to... Continue Reading →

Films+ Architecture/2 : Rear Window

Alfred Hitchcock's ‘Rear Window’, which integrates the New York apartment culture of the 1950s with his screenplay, is a cult film that tells us about our new lifestyle that keeps different lives close to each other but does not connect. Although years have passed, the audience continues to question the possibility of the event fiction.... Continue Reading →

Films+ Architecture/1 : Roma

Alfonso Cuarón's last film "ROMA" tells us a part of his life, while telling emotions about people and places with a simple and artistic language it also reminds us that memories can be preserved despite the change of the cities. In the black and white pictured film while we are traveling through streets of 1970's... Continue Reading →

All About Eve

I think the films that we call ''film in the film ’’ I like to watch most after another films that I say ’zero event+ almost dialogue’, yes. Beyond the film you are watching,it seems to me there is always a fascinating film subject. Prepare for the role that revolves around a film that will... Continue Reading →

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